Thursday, April 25, 2013

Parshat Emor, 5773/2013 thoughts

Basics here.

My oldies:

Conservadox reports on the Torah's attitude regarding the treatment of animals, not to mention the timing of Sukkot.

My new thought:  Yechezkel/Ezekiel is an old "chumrah-nik"/believer in stringent interpretation.  In Haftarat Emor (Yechezkel/Ezekiel 44:15-31), he says,

כב וְאַלְמָנָה, וּגְרוּשָׁה, לֹא-יִקְחוּ לָהֶם, לְנָשִׁים: כִּי אִם-בְּתוּלֹת, מִזֶּרַע בֵּית יִשְׂרָאֵל, וְהָאַלְמָנָה אֲשֶׁר תִּהְיֶה אַלְמָנָה, מִכֹּהֵן יִקָּחוּ. 22 Neither shall they take for their wives a widow, nor her that is put away; but they shall take virgins of the seed of the house of Israel, or a widow that is the widow of a priest.

But the ruling from the Torah, narrowly described (Breishit/Genesis through Devarim/Deuteronomy, also known as the Five Books of Moses), is that the law against marrying a widow applies to the Kohen Gadol/High Priest only, not to all Kohanim/Priests.  That is the rule currently observed--a Kohen is not permitted to marry a divorcee or a convert, but is permitted to marry any widow, in addition to any never-married born-Jewish woman.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, a kohen can marry a convert if she converted before the age of 3 years and one day (cf. b. Yev. 60b).

Also, I seem to recall that there was a Law Committee ruling saying that the Conservative Movement was okay with kohanim marrying divorcees.

Thu Apr 25, 09:08:00 PM 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait, just kidding. My brain is stuck in Bavli qua Bavli mode--the Shulchan Aruch says no to marrying converts who converted before the age of three.

This gives all the citations for the CJLS rulings:

Thu Apr 25, 09:13:00 PM 2013  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Anon., thanks for the link.

Fri Apr 26, 10:29:00 AM 2013  

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